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Another Reason To Call Off Work on Fridays!

According to the latest new study, Friday commutes have the most fatal car accidents with 17% more deaths during Friday commutes than during Monday commutes.  The biggest reason:  There are more drunk drivers on Friday.  Drive with care!!

Coming to Netflix this Month

It may not be the season to binge, but June is a pretty solid month for Netflix. Some standouts are Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Black Mirror Season 5, and Magic Mike. Here’s the full list… June 1 Arthdal Chronicles Oh, Ramona! Magic Mike Network Platoon Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World Of Ben Ferencz Satan & Adam […]

Talk About Micromanaging!!

We all have dreams for our kids, but GEEZ!  A new survey found today’s average parent wants to start preparing their kid for a future career at the ripe old age of FIVE-AND-A-HALF!  More than half of parents already have a specific career in mind for their child.  Wow.

Wait, what time is it?!?!!?

We may have all been time travelers and didn’t even know it. According to some historians who have spent their life’s work pouring over historical documents, we might be living in the year 1722, not 2019. They claim that lot’s of things don’t match up in the timeline and that some “events” may have been […]

How Messy is TOO Messy?

About half of people have dated someone who was extremely messy, according to a new survey and one in five ended a relationship over it.  The survey also found the top signs of a messy person are:  They leave dirty dishes in the sink, have a dirty toilet and have an overflowing trash can.