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Carrie Underwood Returns to Sunday Night Football

Carrie Underwood is returning to “Sunday Night Football” on Sept. 9 with a brand-new theme song, “Game On.” She opens the broadcast for the sixth year, teaming up a bevy of NFL players for the performance. Check out a clip of the new football theme song here.  (pic by pr photo)  

Carrie’s Big Announcments

Two Big announcements coming from Carrie Underwood this week: 1. Her new Cry Pretty Tour 360 kicks off next May and 2. She’s expecting baby #2! No word yet on whether it’s a boy or a girl. The new arrival will join big brother, Isaiah, who is now 3. See video of Carrie’s announcement here.  (pic […]

Aaron Watson’s Inspiration

Aaron Watson celebrated his 15th anniversary with wife Kimberly earlier this month. Kimberly serves as the inspiration for his many love songs like “Run Wild Horses.”  Kimberly actually stars in the video for “Run Wild Horses,” joining Aaron for a romantic candlelit date. Watch that video here.  (pic by pr photo)

Keith’s New Buddy

How would you like to be the woman who paid for a man’s coffee when he didn’t have enough change and then found out that the guy she helped was Keith Urban!! It happened to retired teacher, Ruth Reed in New Jersey the other day. Ruth now has a new buddy. Here’s that story from […]

“High Speed” Chase??

Here’s the latest tip out of Summerville, South Carolina – Don’t try to outrun the police on a mobility scooter. After an incredibly low speed chase on Wednesday, police say they did catch up to the suspect and detain him. Apparently the scooter belonged to the local Walmart. It has been returned. Check out the […]