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Self driving who?? Try Brain to vehicle driving instead [watch]

The driver will still be responsible for turning the wheel and hitting the gas pedal, the car will just anticipate the action and begin making it. This new technology, exclusive to Nissan, will be included in fully autonomous cars and should be ready in the next five to ten years according to the company.

Walmart looks to cut down opioid drug abuse with new powder [watch]

When mixed with warm water, the powder turns the pills into a biodegradable gel that can be thrown in the trash. The gel ultimately solidifies and the end result is “inaccessible for illicit use.” The powder also works with other drugs. Customers can request a free packet at any time. Research has shown that surgery […]

This beer will get you through the apocalypse…. maybe

Humans can’t live on beer alone, but if we had to try, this new beer from Dogfish Head brewery would be the one to try. They’re calling the limited-edition beer “It’s the End of the Wort as We Know It” ale and it’s aimed at survivalists as an answer to the age old question of […]

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