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“High Speed” Chase??

Here’s the latest tip out of Summerville, South Carolina – Don’t try to outrun the police on a mobility scooter. After an incredibly low speed chase on Wednesday, police say they did catch up to the suspect and detain him. Apparently the scooter belonged to the local Walmart. It has been returned. Check out the […]

Reese and Meryl in a Cat Fight??

If you’ve heard rumors that Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep hate each other – you can disregard. There’s a picture floating around of Reese throwing an ice cream cone at Meryl.  Turns out it was snapped as they filmed a scene for the upcoming season on Big Little Lies, so no worries. Did Reese hit […]

Nicole Kidman Takes On 8-Legged Intruder

When a giant spider came too close to her kids at the pool, Nicole Kidman took action! Nicole kept her cool while capturing the furry tarantula – even though her kids were a little excited! Afterwards, she assured everyone that the spider was released “unharmed and healthy.”  (pic by pr photo) Watch the video here.

Taylor Swift Makes Dreams Come True

Taylor Swift made a fan’s wish come true when she met a young victim of brain cancer at her Philadelphia concert recently. 21-year-old Lexi Caviston has always dreamed of meeting the star, and she got her chance thanks to co-host of “The View,” Meghan McCain, who reached out to Taylor on Twitter. Taylor did a […]