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Watch Out For Hungry Women!

Watch Out For Hungry Women!

A new study says that one in three women admit it was the free meal that clinched a first date!  Researchers found the women who accepted a date for the meal were more likely to do other controversial things in their personal lives – like one-night stands and sending unsolicited sexual pictures.  Next time, try […]
Any Morning People Out There? Helloooo? Anyone??

Any Morning People Out There? Helloooo? Anyone??

Are you a Morning Person?  Most of us say NO WAY, according to a new survey which reveals that 95% of Americans HATE mornings.  Plus, 43% despise the sound of our alarm clock (you know you can change those settings, right?) And nearly 40% say it takes a long time to wake up and get […]

Broccoli is #1?!?!?!?!

For as long as I can remember the standard for “gross veggie” was broccoli. It was used as a joke in TV shows, books, everywhere really. But do we actually hate broccoli? NOPE. Personally I LOVE it and it seems a lot of America agrees as in a recent survey Green Giant has found 38 […]
Ice Makes It Nice!

Ice Makes It Nice!

Do you take your wine with ice or without?  According to a new survey, 86% say lemonade is better with ice . . . 65% like whiskey with ice . . . 48% like white wine with ice . . . and 4% like BEER with ice.

11 Ft Gator enters home!

Talk about an unwanted guest! An 11-foot alligator broke into a Florida house and stunned its inhabitants when they woke up and were greeted by the massive reptile on Friday morning. The unwanted overnight visitor busted through low windows at the home in the Eagles Landing neighborhood and also broke four bottles of wine, the […]


A West Virginia principal accused of plagiarizing Ashton Kutcher in an address to his school’s graduating class says he didn’t mean to use someone else’s work. Parkersburg High School Principal Kenny DeMoss has issued a statement saying he should have cited his sources in the May 23rd speech, but asserted the ideas were his own. […]

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Why Dolly Won’t Ride Her Own Rides…

DOLLY PARTON has never ridden any of the rides at her Dollywood theme park.  Why not?  She says for one thing she get motion sickness.  And for another she’s afraid her wig or shoes will fly off!  According to Dolly, “I don’t like to get messed up.  I’m gonna have some handsome man mess it […]
Brooks and Dunn and Martina McBride to be honored at ACMs

Brooks and Dunn and Martina McBride to be honored at ACMs

The Academy of Country Music will give Brooks & Dunn and Martina McBride the Cliffie Stone Icon Award at the 13th Annual ACM Honors this summer. The ACM revealed this year’s recipients on its socials Tuesday morning. Miranda Lambert will also receive the Gene Weed Milestone Award, while Kacey Musgraves will be honored with the […]


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