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We recently celebrated World Smile Day (Friday 10/4), so here are some things you might not know about smiling:  Smiling can be contagious. It can boost your immune system. It can reduce blood pressure. Smiling more at work might get you promoted.  And for a more natural-looking smile, say “cheeks” instead of “cheese.”

Good News, Cat Lovers!

Just because you’re not always feeling love from your cute kitty doesn’t mean it’s not there.  A new study out of Oregon State University found that cats form bonds with their owners, just like dogs do.  But they just show their bonds differently.  A cat shows it feels bonded and secure by being confident to […]

The Workplace Burnout Epidemic

Feeling burnt out at work?  A new survey reveals the top reasons:  1.  Long hours that interfere with your personal life.  2.  Not enough opportunities for advancement.  3.  A negative workplace environment.  4.  Unclear job expectations.  5.  A bad relationship with your boss.  6.  Not enough training to do your job. 7.  Bad relationships with […]

When No One is Looking…

Do you ever drink straight out of a milk carton if no one’s looking?  A survey has been conducted and 53% of us have.  What else are we doing?  Talking to ourselves, making ourselves cry just to relieve our feelings, reconstructing arguments (if only I’d said THIS…) and (ugh!) picking our noses.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk!

When the kids are away the parents will play!

What do parents love doing once the kids are back in school?  According to a new survey:  Watching the TV shows and movies that THEY want to watch, planning a weekend trip, catching up with friends and exercising. (REALLY!?!)