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2019 CMA Winners

On huge night for Country Music all the biggest stars were out in full force for the 2019 CMA Awards with a few surprises on the night. Carrie Underwood of course did an AMAZING job hosting along with Reba and Dolly and the musical performances were something to behold with performances from Garth Brooks, Maren […]

C’mon Parents! Be Kind to Your Kids!!

“Parents” magazine just put out a list of the WORST real baby names they’ve heard this year.  Top 3 for boys are:  Kingmessiah as all one word, Yugo and Manson (!?)  And for girls, they picked: Mattel, Cyncere, spelled C-Y-N-C-E-R-E and Chardonnay.  Imagine having to spell that one in Kindergarten?

Wendy’s Birthday Cake Frosty is here!!!!

Ok people, This is HUGE NEWS TO ME! To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Wendy’s they have released a limited time birthday cake flavor. This is the first new flavor of frosty they have released outside of vanilla or chocolate, so for a fatty fatty ice cream lover like me this is BIG. To […]

Work in Comfort

The days of suits and stockings in the corporate office are long gone and for good reason – 82% of people say they’re more PRODUCTIVE when they wear comfortable clothes to work, according to a new survey.  Plus, 56% feel more confident when they’re comfortable.  So toss those high heels and slip into something more […]

Make Mine Potato Flavored!

Pringles just announced they’re selling TURDUCKEN chips for Thanksgiving this year.  Those are turkey-, duck-, and chicken-flavored chips . . . and when you stack them on top of each other, you have a turducken.  If you’re interested, they go on sale at But hurry, they sell out fast!