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Here’s a gift for the guy or gal who has everything:  A booze chiller tool!  There’s a guy in Poland who’s getting his masters in particle physics who built an online calculator to tell you exactly how long it’ll take to chill your BOOZE.  The Chilled Drink Calculator is based on Newton’s Law of Cooling […]

Sweet Puppy Dreams!

Well THIS is no surprise.  A new study found people who had their dogs sleep in their bedroom, either in their bed or on the ground, slept BETTER.  The researchers say it’s because having your pet there gives you, quote, “comfort and a sense of security.”  So snuggle up!

The Dreaded Honey-Do List

We hate chores, according to the latest survey which shows 80% of people get into fights or arguments about doing chores.  Here’s what we hate the most:  Washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen . . . doing laundry . . . and cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet. (Well Duh!)


More than 100,000 people got together online and filled out a survey asking for the best “after cereal” milk flavor.  So which cereal came out on top?  35% voted for Cocoa Puffs . . . 22% said Cinnamon Toast Crunch . . .  and Frosted Flakes tied Fruity Pebbles for third place with 7% of […]

When Should Kids Get Their Own Cell Phones?

What’s the perfect age to give a kid a cell phone?  According to a new survey, most people think it’s 12 and 16 years old, which is a pretty wide range!  To narrow it down, 4% of people think kids should get a phone before they turn 10.  And 8% think it shouldn’t be until […]