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Inflation Hits the Tooth Fairy

HOW MUCH should the Tooth Fairy pay your toothless children?  Insurance Company Delta Dental has been keeping tabs and they say the TF is upping the ante this year, paying out more than 4 bucks a tooth across the nation on average.  That’s a jump of 33 cents over last year, but still short of […]

Happy Nappie!

Here’s another great reason for time outs at work:  A new survey reveals that people who take naps during the day are way more productive and happier.  17% of adults out there are napping at lease 5 days a week (probably at their desks!!)  So will we get the O.K. to snooze on the job?  […]

Wake Up, Little Snoozy, Wake Up!

Want to wake up happier without the morning grog? Easy-Peasy. Just switch your alarm from beeping buzzer to merry melody.  A recent study from down under (Australia, that is), found that waking up to MUSIC makes us more alert than waking up to beeps and buzzes.  Plus, it’s so much easier to sing along! Set […]

Whew! That’s alot of Chicken Wings!!

Big Game day means Big Eats for most Americans, according to a new survey that says the average person will inhale an amazing amount of food on Super Bowl Sunday.  Nearly 11,000 CALORIES, which is at least four times more than doctors recommend.  And that doesn’t even include drinks so you’d better make it a […]


Sometimes the ability to wake up and just get out of bed seems like an awful lot of effort for the day. I still personally find it rude that I have to get dressed for most occasions. That might just be because I haven’t reached my full “motivation potential”! According to a new study we […]