Monthly Archive for: "January, 2020"

What Day IS it?

The average American is so confused right now.  According to the latest survey we get confused about what day it is FIVE TIMES a week.  And more than half of us can’t remember what day it is right now without checking the calendar first.  Plus, 75% of Americans have pretty much given up on wearing […]

No Touchee!

We’re changing our dirty habits, thanks to Covid-19.  According to a new survey, 72% of people say they now wash their hands after they use their cell phone – every time.  Plus, 66% plan to stop shaking hands from now on. And 62% plan to stop social hugging.  Awww!  I’m going to miss that!

Parenting Today: No Rest for the Weary?

With the kids at home all day, every day, parents aren’t getting much of a break.  According to a new survey, parents don’t get to relax until late at night – approximately 8:39 PM on average!  That’s the first spot of free time we’re getting. Unfortunately, it’s getting used to catch up on the cleaning […]

Trouble in Paradise

Too much time with the one you love?  The latest survey reveals that one in 8 of us who are quarantined with our significant other wouldn’t mind getting a little farther apart for awhile.  In other words, the love of our life is really starting to get on our nerves, lol!  Partners in close quarters […]

Earth Day 2020

With the quarantine in place many people are celebrating Earth Day 2020 with a whole new outlook when it comes to nature.  A recent survey shows that 38% of people say the quarantine has made them appreciate nature more than ever.