Monthly Archive for: "January, 2020"

You Ole Softie!!

Turns out, all us toughies are crying puddles once the lights go down!  A new survey shows that 82% of us have cried during a movie.  That’s 91% of women and 71% of men.  What was the last movie that brought you to tears?  Mine was “Frozen” – the original.  Stop laughing.  -Jenna Furr

Lost and Found

I am about as scatter brained and forgetful as it comes. I am always setting something down, walking away for just a second, and completely forgetting where the heck it went. For me it can be my cell phone, a pen, but most commonly it’s my keys. The other day I saw a story about […]

Good Night!! Or not…

We’re sleep deprived and that’s no lie. A store called Mattress Firm found the average American had 105 bad nights of sleep last year and 102 “failed naps” (when you just can’t fall asleep).  On average, we only get 5 and 1/2 hours of sleep a night.  Maybe if we turned off our cell phones….lol, […]

LBT Gets Dramatic

Little Big Town launches their new “Nightfall Tour” this week and they say you can expect a whole new vibe.  Karen Fairchild says the show production will have a new theatrical feel to it and will be intimate and special for the audience with the production driven by each individual song.  

Plants Save Lives! (or at least our sanity)

Need a break from stress at the office?  Put a plant on your desk.  Researchers in Japan found that keeping a small plant at work will help relax you.  Not only because you have something natural to look at, but also having something to nurture is good for the soul!  Have you watered your soul […]