Monthly Archive for: "June, 2020"

Kid’s Eye View

A survey of 1,000 children found the best things about being a kid include Christmas, summer vacation, birthdays, and having lots of friends. Also, being outside a lot, jumping in puddles and building forts. I’d have to add colors to that list. Everything for kids is very colorful and happy looking. When did we outgrow […]

Put Down That Phone/Tablet/Laptop!

And back away from that screen! Too much screen time lately has parents scrambling for other summer activities. Here’s some ideas: 1.Play a board game. 2.Camp out in the Backyard 3. Do Arts and Crafts 4. Read a book 5. Build a fort with blankets and pillows 6. Make a family breakfast together 7. Teach […]

Do This To Lose Weight….

Put on a little weight? It’s called the Covid 15 and if you’ve got it you need to know the most important thing to do to lose weight. The number one most important thing to do to successfully lose weight is…..weigh yourself every day. Though we’ve heard in the past that you shouldn’t do this, […]

Take Time to Relax

The latest survey shows that most of us unwind by listening to music. It’s the #1 way we de-stress. 58% say it’s their go-to coping mechanism. Also on our Top 5 list: books, exercise, tv or movies and talking to a friend.  Ahhhhhhh.

Whatcha Been Doing Lately?

How are we spending our pandemic time? According to the latest survey, staring at a screen. A new study shows that screen time is up to an average of 19 hours and 6 minutes since the Covid quarantine began. It used to only be 17 hours and 9 minutes a day. You may notice that’s […]