Monthly Archive for: "August, 2020"

Hey there, Flirty Face!

Watch it, Ladies,  according to a new study, you have a distinct flirty face when you’re attracted to someone, and you may not even know you’re doing it.  “The Face” includes a certain head tilt, slight smile and significant eye contact with your intended target. Every guy can spot it.

Let’s Do Lunch – ooor Not?

No one is eating lunch anymore.  A new survey shows that only one in five people are actually using their lunch breaks for eating.  The rest of us are using it to: exercise, check social media, take care of general life tasks, read, and listen to music.  Well, as long as you’re listening to Bigfoot […]

I’m Sorry, What Did You Say?

More than 60% of us are having trouble staying focused these days, thanks to the Covid shutdown messing with our routine-oriented brains.  Here’s how we’re fighting Covid Brain:  reading more, working out, doing puzzles, watching documentaries, and playing board games.

Can We Talk?

Three out of four pet owners say their pets are keeping them sane during the pandemic shutdown.  Some benefits of having a cat or dog at home right now include: feeling less alone, reduced anxiety, more play time and exercise, having someone to talk to (who never talks back) and having a routine or schedule […]

Ghoulies and Ghosties!

BOO!  Halloween is on its way and here are the top 5 trending costumes this year:  1.  Horror movie characters.  People might also look for costumes that incorporate masks, like Michael Myers. 2.  Video game characters.  They’re expecting a lot of “Fortnite”, “Halo”, and “Super Mario” costumes this year.  3.  Everyday heroes.  Including doctors, nurses, and police officers. 4.  Characters […]