This year has been a pretty….unique one in general. And this election looks like it too will be not normal, but for very good reasons. As of today, early election numbers have us at nearly 70% of the total voter turn out in 2016. This may be the highest participation in an election we have seen on over 100 years!

But I do have a few things I would like to ask of you.
#1 Get out and VOTE. No matter who you intend to cast your ballot for it is absolutely important that we let our voice be heard as Americans.
#2 BE KIND! Please be respectful of EVERYONE and their choice. The choice is theirs to make and we should be able to support freedom of choice.

And #3 and most important, can we all make sure that no matter what we are there for each other? No matter who wins or loses we all have to be there for each other moving forward. Together is how we got here, together is how we will move forward. Have a great day today, make sure to turn out tomorrow, and let’s be kind to one another!