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Best Job Ever!

Who’s really loving their job?  Apparently, it’s the firefighters, according to the latest survey.  They rate their job as a 9 out of 10 when it comes to job satisfaction.  Other top jobs include Mine Cutters, Pediatricians, Communications Professors and Guidance Counselors.  (Mine Cutters??? What is that?)  BTW, Most Hated Job:  telemarketer!

Are You a Vacation “Quickie?”

In a recent survey 90% of people say they’d rather take several short trips instead of one long one.  They say it’s 1. Cheaper 2. Less Stressful and 3. A good way to log in more travel overall.  So how do you Vacay?

Moms Worry ALOT

How much do you worry about your kids on a daily basis? My sister has a newborn and i know an awful lot of her time is spent caring for and worrying about the needs of little baby Q. A new study suggest moms spend about 1,400 worrying about their new born in the first […]

Watch Out For Hungry Women!

A new study says that one in three women admit it was the free meal that clinched a first date!  Researchers found the women who accepted a date for the meal were more likely to do other controversial things in their personal lives – like one-night stands and sending unsolicited sexual pictures.  Next time, try […]

Any Morning People Out There? Helloooo? Anyone??

Are you a Morning Person?  Most of us say NO WAY, according to a new survey which reveals that 95% of Americans HATE mornings.  Plus, 43% despise the sound of our alarm clock (you know you can change those settings, right?) And nearly 40% say it takes a long time to wake up and get […]