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Relationship Check

How has the quarantine been affecting your love life?  According to a new survey, most people say their relationship with their bestie hasn’t changed much.  29% say it’s actually brought them closer, and 11% say it’s made them more distant.  If you start to feel like you need a little space, just say you’re going […]

Kane Brown’s “Homesick” Stays on Top

Kane Brown’s “Homesick” is No. 1 for the second straight week on both the Billboard Country Airplay chart and Mediabase charts.  He says the song is personal because they’ve done so many shows lately and he’s always homesick for his family, his buddies and, of course, his dogs!

Shake On It…NOT!

No one is shaking hands anymore, thanks to the Coronavirus scare.  According to the latest survey, here’s what we’re doing instead, in order of preference: Waving, nodding, bumping elbows, bowing, and tapping feet.  (???)

Garth Sets New Record

Garth Brooks marks another milestone this week, becoming the first artist to achieve Top Five singles at Country Radio over five consecutive decades from the 80’s to now. His current single “Dive Bar” with Blake Shelton just made Number Five on the chart.

Inflation Hits the Tooth Fairy

HOW MUCH should the Tooth Fairy pay your toothless children?  Insurance Company Delta Dental has been keeping tabs and they say the TF is upping the ante this year, paying out more than 4 bucks a tooth across the nation on average.  That’s a jump of 33 cents over last year, but still short of […]

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