Hit by the Holi-daze?

Hit by the Holi-daze?

All the gifts are unwrapped, the celebrations…..celebrated, and the cookies and in laws are gone (Thank goodness!). And you know what that means, TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK! You would think that after 2 weeks worth of down time you’d be ready and charged to go but that might not be so.

I appreciate the time off 7 Mountains Media gives all of it’s employees throughout PA, KY, and NY, and it’s honestly the best company I have worked for. But sometimes I feel like maybe it would be easier to just work on through the holidays because that “get back into it” is HARD. Being local it wouldn’t be so bad to come in and work Christmas morning since I don’t have kids to unwrap gifts and I could just get together with everyone for dinner that evening.


What do you do to get yourself back in the groove?


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