Meet Our Team!

  • Matt Wendigo
    Matt Wendigo

    There is a dark land up north, no sun, just snow and the cold, and that’s where the Wendigo roamed. Named by the natives in Canada they feared the awkward animal to the north. Tired of the seal pops and caribou stew the Wendigo walked farther south for a new taste of life. The Canadians sent him away with stories of a land that wasn’t always so cold and had something called scrapple and a drink called birch beer, and that sounded pretty good. Thumbing a ride ain’t easy when you’re a Wendigo so walking is what he decided to do. When he came to the beautiful hills of Big Foot Country he knew that Tioga and Bradford County were home. He learned the native tongue from country songs and now he plays his favorites for you!

  • Christie Yeti
    Christie Yeti

    I am a Caffeine dependent life-form, born and raised in Mansfield Pa. I grew up obsessed with radio, 8-tracks, 45’s and all things music. I fell into a radio job at age 18 and I’ve been doing it ever since. This self-made thousandaire lives in the country where I enjoy my animal friends and listening to music all day long.

  • Jenna Furr
    Jenna Furr

    Hello!  I’m a lifelong resident of Bigfoot Country, where I live with my husband and animals, (and when I say animals I don’t mean our three children!)  I’ve enjoyed being on the air in NY & PA for about 20 years now and can’t think of a better way to spend my time where every day is a new adventure!  Drop me a line anytime at and let me know what’s happening in your neck of the woods.  I’d love to hear from you!!

  • Blair Garner
    Blair Garner

    Discovered by a local radio executive in his hometown of Canyon, Texas, Blair Garner has been on the radio waves since age 17. Working on local radio stations all through college, Garner quickly climbed the ranks as his voice caught the ear of program directors from many major markets. He quickly found himself working for legendary stations in Washington, D.C., New York City, Houston and Los Angeles.

    After waking up America as part of America’s Morning Show for three years, Blair is back to his niche – late-night radio with the Blair Garner Show.

  • Taste of Country Nights
    Taste of Country Nights

    Taste of Country Nights is a country radio show that broadcasts live from Nashville to more than 60 radio stations nationwide for your enjoyment anywhere. Listen to all of the country hits, get country music news, hear interviews and in-studio performances with the hottest acts in country music. Producer Amber makes sure host Evan Paul doesn’t get too far off topic, and you’ll also hear from ToC’s own Billy Dukes for the latest country news out of Music City. It’s your nightly go-to!

  • Honky Tonkin with Tracy Lawrence
    Honky Tonkin with Tracy Lawrence

    Sundays 7-11P in Bigfoot Country. Powered by Jim’s Equipment in Campbell NY!

  • Red Cup Country
    Red Cup Country

    Hosted by Coop! Saturdays 7-Midnight

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